Improve Your Street Appeal on a Budget


We all know that first impressions count and when it comes to your home, street appeal is vital.

Now there’s a range of different things you could focus on here, painting the house, a new fence, landscaping, you name it but what I wanted to focus on today is incredibly cheap option, that adds real wow factor but many overlook – your driveway.

Your driveway often makes up a huge part of that ‘first impression’ but can often look tired and worn out, particularly if it has been down for a number of years, it can have lost its colour or be covered in stains.

While giving it a clean with the high pressure hose will help – it still won’t bring it back and give it that freshly laid look.

So what can you do to revamp your driveway?  Actually there’s a lot of options and it comes down to what you currently have and the final look you’re after.  Here’s a few ideas based on the type of driveway surface you currently have.

Exposed aggregate

  • Pressure clean and seal
  • Stencil over exposed
  • Stain and seal

Plain concrete

  • Stencil-crete
  • Stonegrit
  • Epoxy
  • Tinted Sealer

Stenciled concrete

  • Clean and seal
  • Remove and recoat

Stamped concrete

  • Stain and Seal
  • Tinted sealer

If this is something you’d like to look at getting done at your place, contact one of our consultants for an OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE and see for yourself what a huge impact it can have on the street appeal of your home.

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Turn your garage into a showroom.


Your garage no longer needs to be the place that the rest of the house appeared to forget with unfinished floors and hard to clean raw concrete that means that dirt and concrete dust is forever trodden through the rest of your home.

A new epoxy floor can make a huge difference to one of the largest areas in your home at a fraction of the price of other options.

In Australia now, garages are far from just a place to store your car; we now use our garages for workshops, household storage and in some cases convert these areas in to multi-purpose living rooms. Epoxy flooring can make your garage a showroom for your pride and joy or a multi purpose room to be android apps enjoyed by the whole family.

Some of our clients have turned their garages into family daycare areas, theatre rooms, playrooms, art studios, band practice areas, and extra living rooms …how would you use an additional area in your home?

And the best part, if your lifestyle needs change you can always revert back to using the garage as originally intended just with a high quality floor, which will last for years to come.

Floors popular in residential homes include, full flake floors, partial flake floors, straight colour epoxy, metallic epoxy.  All our products can be altered in colour and grip levels to achieve a fully customized finish.

Contact one of our consultants to obtain a free quote and see what you can do with all that extra space.

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